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Donate now to support essential community for new parents

1 in 3 new birthing parents in the US, report feeling "isolated". Together let's provide the support and community new parents need!

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Why your donation matters:

While new parenthood is often glorified and romanticized in our society, this vulnerable time can become quite difficult for many. 1 in 5 parents experience postpartum depression in the U.S. and 1 in 3 new birthing parents report feeling isolated and unsupported.

Your donation supports the important work of The Hygge Project which organizes and facilitates free social support groups for new parents - based on the Danish model. We emphasize “hygge” - a Danish way of living which exudes comfort and contentment - by providing a cozy relaxed environment with couches and pillows, baked goods and coffee.

We create a welcoming space for new parent support groups to meet weekly with a designated facilitator. By assigning parents to a specific/familiar group, we ensure that every meeting is comfortable and predictable for parents and their babies. This allows new parents to feel safe enough to relax and dive into the bigger matters at hand while often creating lasting connections with group members.

Our community members tell our story the best:

“This group was kind of a beacon of light during some very tough weeks.”
“I loved meeting other moms and seeing other perspectives and the “come as you are” attitude."
“I found community and felt heard and supported during the most vulnerable and tumultuous time!”

Our mission as an organization is:
  • To create an antiracist, identity affirming, and culturally aware environment where all families feel safe to receive and give support
  • To provide a parent support program that values and emphasizes the inner knowing and strengths of participants over providing external information and advice.
  • To promote societal shifts including:
    • moving from prescribing self-care for overwhelmed parents, (which burdens the individuals who are already struggling) to providing community-care by modeling new ways to celebrate and acknowledge parenthood (i.e., focusing on parents’ well-being during the postpartum period and creating a supportive community that families can participate in for years to come).
    • broadening ideas and expectations of parenting roles by reinforcing the importance of non-birthing partners within the family system - everybody can nurture.

*Please note, The Hygge Project is proud to be Fiscally Sponsored by the Atlanta Birth Center, a Georgia Nonprofit Corporation which has been granted tax-exempt status as a IRS Section 501(c)(3) public charity. The Atlanta Birth Center will receive 10% of all donations given to The Hygge Project.